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    The Rag Pre-sale
    Rock Avenue Records USA is proud to announce the Pre-Sale orders for Twitch Angry New Album, The Rag. Get your reserved copy today!


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Twitch Angry has played - over 200 shows in 3 States, and played 31 states in a row on their previous U.S. tour supporting their albums over the years."Twitch Angry" has been a favorite pick for featured artist slots on national radio stations and internet radio and pod casts, and live shows, worldwide.

  • Twitch
    Lance Shults AKA Twitch Angry is a hard-driven, determined, dedicated artist, who is not afraid of hard work to achieve his goals. He works 24-7. He has gone through tremendous hardships and struggles and against all odds still continues to pursue his dream.
  • Marzariez
    Marzariez is the Enigmatic Vocalist/Bass Player. Like a Character out of the Movie Pulp Fiction He lives on The Edge, with One Foot in this World and the other in the next. He is an Absolutely Ferocious Bass Player and Captivating Vocalist.
  • Rawtin
    Kyle "Rawtin" Fannin
    When I was 18 I was introduced to Twitch Angry, or Lance Schultz by a friend . He said he was singing for the HIPA-CHRISTIANS. So He asked if I was still playing guitar, and I was, so I loaded my truck with my Dimebag Warhead Stack and my Gibson Explorer and went off to meet Twitch Angry.
  • Maven
    I have been Playing since I was 9 years old and I Practiced everyday Until I was 27. I used to just pull People in off The Street with The Sound.
  • Manson
    I started playing guitar at 17 and began writing my own songs at 20, shortly after I was 21 I joined a band called Lethal Steel as their Lead Vocalist and began writing music and lyrics with the band. In 2007 I met Twitch and life as we know it has not been the same since.


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