Next show.. 09/23/2017 - El Sobrante, CA


Please Email Twitch for show availability. Most importantly... Join his H.I.P.A Christians Movement and get access to Twitch Angry Manifest which gives you a personal in site on what makes Twitch Angry TWITCH ANGRY!!!.. View

Love it, Hate it, Debate it, but know that Twitch Angry Made it!!!!

The most 'Tell it like it is!' Punk/Metal Bands in the Sacramento/Davis area. Twitch Angry! #1 Artist locally and in the top 60 nationally on Reverb Nation. Twitch Angry is ready to take on the Globe...Twitch was artist of the month for 98Rocks Local Licks, and got signed by DirtBag Records in Jan 2010. He has performed over 200 Shows in the first year hitting 7 States so far. Twitch Angry wants nothing more but to Tour 9 months a year and still is the only Artist who makes time to get personal with his fans world wide everyday.

Uncle Sam, The Rag, Made from Dust, San Francisco, Murder, and F.Y.I.T.N are just some of the top songs that has everyone wanting more, and pealing there skin waiting for his next CD.  'Nothing Nice'-- Twitch Angry says with his lyrics in his music what most are to afraid to say aloud and has a style that is so addicting, you will want nothing but Twitch Angry at your Venue or party, in your car, on your computer, phone, ipod well everywhere.. You will just want nothing but more. With 50 new songs ready to record, more is what Twitch Angry is wanting you to have.

Twitch Angry specializes in SHOWS and promises large MOSH PITS with raw energy that will consume you. Twitch Angry will work with you well before your event date to make sure your sold out and will even do 2 shows a day if needed.